Wednesday, February 8, 2017


A super baddie! No child was harmed in the writing of this outline/book!

Just a reminder: The working title for this W.I.P. is House of Shadows. Not thrilled with that, will think of another title. :) It's crossover fiction, YA/ADULT fantasy and horror. 

Now, in this new venture which is for YA as well as Adults, I find I am really having fun with baddies and goodies. My goodies I have the way I want pretty much, as for baddies! Well, baddies are super bad without being so creepy as my having to warn readers! No, these baddies have to be almost comical, entirely over the top baddies.

An absolute GOODY! A friend to all, including her lovely geese! 

There's a cat that's neutral that has her own story. My cat, Sasha, the Magnificent, is very interested! She's told me. "Just get the cat's way of thinking right!" she said.

I promised I would. Now, I'm not giving away much if I just show you Eva who is the resident cat in Gran's peculiar house. Introducing Eva who is very wise. She's not a kitten--as a matter of fact--!!! No, you'll have to wait! 

She's definitely a goody, but she has her moments. ONLY WHEN THEY'RE CALLED FOR! And they are called for! 

Back to Baddies and Goodies. In order for any story to have substance, there has to be conflict, well this book is no exception. There's a battle going on and it doesn't stop. My young heroine, Elle will see what it is at once. 

The Baddies are really evil. They hate everything. They detest happiness of any kind and are particularly upset by happy children. They hate puppies and kittens as well. Ponies and baby goats, lambs and sunny days, even! The sound of laughter makes them retch. That's why they have sick bags on them at all times. 

Don't think this is for children, because it isn't. There is a great deal of screaming from the North Tower as well as gripping primary sourced (historical records) of persecutions and punishments meted out to innocent people! This will be learned by Elle. Gran is an excellent teacher and a wonderful woman. She likes putting things right and always says we can learn from the past! 

More to come!

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