Carole Gill Writing As Esme Aschenputtel

I have eight books out under my real name of Carole Gill. This pen name appeals to me and because it sounds comical, it really appeals to me. I think it's suited to the turn my writing has taken. I'm working on a crossover fiction novel right now. You've seen the posts I'm sure, if not, please read the featured post on my sidebar!

I even decided to give 'Esme' her own biography! Here it is:

Esme Aschenputtel was born in London sometime in the twentieth century. She prefers not to get too specific. She started writing when some of her favorite fictional characters came to visit her. She was used to visiting them in the books she read. She never expected them to come to see her when she had the measles. They were all there! Peter Pan, Wendy and Michael, Mary Poppins and the little French orphan school girl, Madeline who even brought all the other orphans as well as their teachers.

It was wonderful. And because it was, everything that ever happened in Esme's life that was horrid, was easier to deal with. Still, she remains a fan of dark fiction, particularly, Carole Gill's dark fiction but she adds with a wink, she'd like to see the wacky side of life because wacky is fun!

And so it is. She shares this blog as co-author with Carole Gill. And she is pleased to say it will have both kinds of fiction on offer. She also reminds readers that it's all happening because it can! 

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