Tuesday, February 21, 2017


A little basking today! The title for this post comes from a reviewer. It comes at a time when I've questioned the darkness in my novels, especially since my husband's sudden death and particularly concerning my latest release: I, BATHORY, QUEEN of BLOOD, so this was terrific news. From a reviewer, link follows:

"5out of 5 stars HORRIFIC VAMPS & GREAT STORY!!!
I'm hooked on Carole Gill!! I prefer more details about a Vampires life, knowing they're Satan's creatures, and love that this author portrays them as they are!!! Intense read and that there's real history in a her novels, makes it even more interesting!! If you're offended by language, sex, bondage, and savagery, look to the Chic lit on the paranormal!!! Carole Gill is phenomenal!!!!"

With regard to this novel, The Author's Note appears in the beginning which is not usual. It is placed there as a warning. I felt it was only fair for people to know before they bought it.

Countess Erzsebet Bathory was a human monster who did exist. She was probably one of the most evil human beings I know of. I did not want to water her story down. I read a novel that did that, which inspired me to write truthfully about her. 

There are indeed human monsters among us.

My novels always have an extra ingredient. Something that makes each character unique. At least that has been my aim. 

At the core of this book about Bathory, is the question of her immortality. Immortality, after being created as a vampire. Now, this monster will live for centuries! Knowing this, she wonders if she will be different as a vampire and just focused on the feeding, but she soon finds out she is the same old monster.

And to her surprise and dismay, she sees as the centuries roll on, she is just another serial killer! 

I was discussing horror, true and not, with a friend of mine and she said we seem to become ever more numb to its effects. We get used to it, I guess. I think that's right. 

An infamous monster, living forever, would very possibly not be looked upon as such a monster when there are so many. Sigh. 

99 cents thru Wednesday

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The Cachtice Castle on the left and the monster with absolute power on the right. 

Erzsebet Bathory lived, she was a real sexual sadist and mass murderer. When you have absolute power in a backward country which 16th Century Hungary was, you can do whatever you want. When you actually believe that blood is the exlixir of youth, you will, whenever you like, bathe in human blood.

I wrote the book after having read several non-fiction books about Bathory. But when I read a novel which watered down her murderous insanity, I began writing this book.

She had lunatic acolytes that were only too happy to help with her torture and murder. They all perished, she didn't--despite the law wanting to try her and the king wanting them to! Her standing was such that she was never tried, but she was at least walled off and unable to resume her vicious ways.

Her name could not be spoken for a century after her death.

When I was thinking about how to write about this monster, I thought what if she became immortal? What then? I show that in my book. She does become immortal and she goes on and on...
There is a point made which I think is pretty ironic and frankly I can see it happening. Would the world be a place in our time that would be more accomodating to someone like Bathory? Would she find she likes the future because it isn't that shocked by her? Would she become 'just another serial killer?'

From today for one week only you can purchase this semi-fictionalised account of a real human monster for 99 cents.

5 stars! A blood-soaked rendition of the fictional life of a real-life multiple murderer, history's 'Countess Dracula!'

4 STARS Reviewed By Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite
solid gothic horror from Gill."


99 cents thru Wednesday

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


A super baddie! No child was harmed in the writing of this outline/book!

Just a reminder: The working title for this W.I.P. is House of Shadows. Not thrilled with that, will think of another title. :) It's crossover fiction, YA/ADULT fantasy and horror. 

Now, in this new venture which is for YA as well as Adults, I find I am really having fun with baddies and goodies. My goodies I have the way I want pretty much, as for baddies! Well, baddies are super bad without being so creepy as my having to warn readers! No, these baddies have to be almost comical, entirely over the top baddies.

An absolute GOODY! A friend to all, including her lovely geese! 

There's a cat that's neutral that has her own story. My cat, Sasha, the Magnificent, is very interested! She's told me. "Just get the cat's way of thinking right!" she said.

I promised I would. Now, I'm not giving away much if I just show you Eva who is the resident cat in Gran's peculiar house. Introducing Eva who is very wise. She's not a kitten--as a matter of fact--!!! No, you'll have to wait! 

She's definitely a goody, but she has her moments. ONLY WHEN THEY'RE CALLED FOR! And they are called for! 

Back to Baddies and Goodies. In order for any story to have substance, there has to be conflict, well this book is no exception. There's a battle going on and it doesn't stop. My young heroine, Elle will see what it is at once. 

The Baddies are really evil. They hate everything. They detest happiness of any kind and are particularly upset by happy children. They hate puppies and kittens as well. Ponies and baby goats, lambs and sunny days, even! The sound of laughter makes them retch. That's why they have sick bags on them at all times. 

Don't think this is for children, because it isn't. There is a great deal of screaming from the North Tower as well as gripping primary sourced (historical records) of persecutions and punishments meted out to innocent people! This will be learned by Elle. Gran is an excellent teacher and a wonderful woman. She likes putting things right and always says we can learn from the past! 

More to come!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Carole Gill Writing As Esme Aschenputtel

I have eight books out under my real name of Carole Gill. This pen name appeals to me and because it sounds comical, it really appeals to me. I think it's suited to the turn my writing has taken. I'm working on a crossover fiction novel right now. You've seen the posts I'm sure, if not, please read the featured post on my sidebar!

I even decided to give 'Esme' her own biography! Here it is:

Esme Aschenputtel was born in London sometime in the twentieth century. She prefers not to get too specific. She started writing when some of her favorite fictional characters came to visit her. She was used to visiting them in the books she read. She never expected them to come to see her when she had the measles. They were all there! Peter Pan, Wendy and Michael, Mary Poppins and the little French orphan school girl, Madeline who even brought all the other orphans as well as their teachers.

It was wonderful. And because it was, everything that ever happened in Esme's life that was horrid, was easier to deal with. Still, she remains a fan of dark fiction, particularly, Carole Gill's dark fiction but she adds with a wink, she'd like to see the wacky side of life because wacky is fun!

And so it is. She shares this blog as co-author with Carole Gill. And she is pleased to say it will have both kinds of fiction on offer. She also reminds readers that it's all happening because it can! 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Aunt Dotty and the Dresser!

Rinaldo de Seville, dresser to Sir Giles Can'tactbutlovesshakespeare

These posts are about characters in my work in progress. They are behind the scenes sketches of the amazing people that appear in the book. It's a magical book about magical people. Things occur because they can. But other things occur and nothing can be done about them, well almost nothing! Almost. 

This post follows upon Eccentric Aunt Dotty!

Eccentric Aunt Dotty

Rinaldo de Seville had indeed been a dresser to a number of famous actors. I met him when I just turned fourteen. I had long since discovered my psychic abilities which were particularly pronounced when surrounded by strong emotions, not just my own either. Such was the emotion with Dotty. A love from the past! A love she had never forgotten.

Aunt Dotty had been invited over to tea with Gran.

"Dotty, you look like you want something."

Gran's voice was not accusatory, she was amused if anything. Dotty agreed. "I've been wondering about that dresser I used to know..."

"The Latin lover!" Gran said.

Dotty looked a little embarrassed. "Well--!"

Before I knew it I was doing a reading. I began doing them when I was twelve. Shortly after Gran declared me a most competent vessel for spiritual entities. I did have a few spirit guides that helped me on many occasions. "You, my dear will help people! I am very proud of you. I had a bit of a talent for it, but could never develop it."

I did a reading for Dotty. And by the next day we were bound for Park Slope in Brooklyn. What I found amazing was how much younger Dotty looked. How was it possible?

She confessed on the subway. "I learned little tricks in my youth when I worked as a ladies maid. Posture and attitude can nearly change your appearance!"

I had my doubts but agreed, though I would learn the truth of this in the future, particularly when extra help came into it.

Meanwhile, she looked lovely and I was pleased for her. I told her we had to locate the end house on a particular street. Eventually, we did. It was a lovely building, done in a New Orleans sort of design with black grill work abounding.

"Are you sure this is the right place?"

Dotty was flushed and fanning herself with her hankie which of course was doing no good at all. I assured her I was certain. She began to hesitate. She nearly gave up but I convinced her to at least go to the door so I could meet the gentleman. At last I did meet him.

He was quite handsome. A very distinguished gentleman of sixty I'd have said.

"I cannot tell you how much I've looked forward to this moment!"

Dotty had been too nervous to phone, so I had.

We sat and chatted for quite some time. It was sad though, perhaps the word is poignant. His life had been filled with disappointments.

"I thought I'd be an actor. But it never panned out. Instead, I became a dresser to the stars."

His eyes lingered on Dotty. "I remember you as being the loveliest of Sir Giles' fans. He's gone now. Did you know."

She knew. As I sat there listening to these two speak of old times and experiences they both shared, I began to think, as young as I was, that life rushes by quickly. Those people that don't grab hold of what they want are passed over.

"Do you remember, Dotty how we danced?"

Dotty said she did. My eyes misted over when she sighed. And when Rinaldo went over to the phonograph, I nearly broke down!

"Come, and enchant me once again!" he said. "It is your favorite, La Cumparsita!"

Even I recognized the tango as being the most famous. The two melted in each other's arms and the years faded from both of them. It was indeed magic, a truly fantastical moment.

There was a great deal more I would learn about Dotty and Rinaldo. I would even be asked if I wished a trip back in time to witness for myself whatever I wished to see. And to remain as long as I liked! You see, my adventures were just beginning!

© 2017 Carole Gill

Friday, February 3, 2017

Crossover Fiction, Moi?

Life has a way of affecting who we are and how we think and what we write, if we're writers. Now, I've come to a crossroads. It's time for something new. I read up on crossover fiction and I know it's for me because I've been enjoying it for years but never gave it a thought as to writing it.

Its exact meaning is debatable, what it means to me however, is, it's fiction that appeals to adults and young adults. I see it as that.

I had started another book before this present one I'm doing and it didn't take off. What I mean is, I was not fired up with working on it. It might intrigue me later on. But right now, I find myself eager to add to this other book. Eager, as in I can't wait to start working on it again in the morning! That is how my books usually go. When I become obsessed and focused, I get a book done.

This new work in progress, the crossover one is darkly comic with all kinds of adventures and packed with eccentric characters. There are outrageous situations and some supernatural stuff too. But it's not dark, creepy stuff. It's the way I want to go now.

I will, to avoid confusion, use my name, but it will look like this: Carole Gill writing as
Esme Aschenputtel or whatever pen name I choose.

Posts have been going up about the characters, giving behind the scenes info about what's going on in the story. I'm having a lot of fun with that.

I love crossover fiction and I always have. But I never thought about writing it. JK Rowling's Harry Potter, Daniel Handler penning Lemony Snicket's,  A Series of Unfortunate Events and lately,
Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce Mysteries, convinced me otherwise. If I find myself reading those books and enjoying them, that tells me something. I am also reading Roald Dahl's brilliant work, I discovered years ago.

Read a lot and read widely is the best advice we get! Tomorrow I'll be putting up another post from my work in progress. It's all been quite a departure for me which is all part of the adventure as well as part of the journey!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Eccentric Aunt Dotty and more!

Here is some more from my work in progress, House of Shadows (working title). Don't worry, it won't spoil the book for you when it's released. These are behind the scenes character profiles, including colorful adventures from Elle's eccentric family! I'm writing this but its Elle Feedwell's own story!

The book is set in 1950's London and New York. The gist is about a young girl, called Elle who goes to live with her gran after her mother dies. Gran is quite an eccentric oldster! She's a former silent screen star who has a very unusual house on Gramercy Park in New York.

She is strange and can be intimidating, although, she's kind-hearted. The house is filled with her 'saves'. Gran saves people and Elle soon grows to love her.

Here is a bit about her Aunt Dotty.

"Aunt Dotty, preparing breakfast porridge in her usual peculiar way.

One moment, before I go on! Here is a translation of the mainly British word: dotty,  If you say that someone is dotty, you mean that they are slightly mad or likely to do strange things. This so defined My Aunt Dotty. She was completely crackers and had been ever since she stood in line to get an autograph from her favorite actor, Sir Giles Can'tactbutlovesshakespare!

Yes, he was really something in more ways than one as they say. And at the turn of the century, when Aunt Dotty was young. Long before the internet upset people, whatever their politics or religion, Auntie had the joy of hero worshipping a no talent actor just because he spoke beautifully.

"Oh! I say! I do love the sound of his voice! He gives me chills when he speaks!"

And speak he did. I did accompany her once to see him. No, he was no longer performing on Broadway or even off Broadway. In other words he was, instead, 'the main draw' in bar rooms in and around the Bowery.

This is him playing Henry the V111's beloved jester Will Sommers.
I liked this performance. Aunt Dotty was less impressed. "I prefer it when he gives me chills!"

I realize now looking back, that she wished to have a romantic interlude with him. poor Dotty. This was not to happen until she was in her dotage. Gran eventually installed her in Finster's Care Home which was a nice place if you didn't mind the staff. They were nice enough but old themselves. And though they worked as hard as they possibly could, things were never right. Dotty ran away twice. The third time Gran invited her and and anyone else who wished to leave to stay at her home on Gramercy Park. The purchase of another property was in the offing.

Yes, it was the liberation of oldsters from a none to perfect home. My generous grandmother enjoyed liberating people. She always said life was sometimes very unfair and one should do all that one could to help someone caught up in a mess not of their choosing. She was fortunate to have the dosh to do it. That was why Great Grandfather, Cyrus' portrait hung over the fireplace in the drawing room. Cyrus who had given up big game hunting when he thought about how horrible it was. A Dutch friend of his, Abe Van Helsing--had some very strong opinions about the popular but barbaric practice. "Leave the poor beasts alone and destroy monsters!" His words verbatam and so instead of causing harm in the world, Cyrus became an enthusiastic Vampire Destroyer!

As for Aunt Dotty's romantic yearnings, they did indeed come to her so late in life she nearly didn't witness it. But she was happy as it was with a retired dresser to Sir Giles Can'tactbutlovesshakespare! The gentleman was very handsome in his own right, Auntie said he'd give Sir Giles a run for his money!

More about that in the next post!